Proactive Health Solutions (PHS) is a leader in the delivery of integrated employee health and wellness solutions. The company was formed in 1999 by a group of healthcare and business professionals in partnership with Old Mutual South Africa (OMSA). OMSA has provided PHS with complimentary expertise that have enabled us to grow and to remain a successful and sustainable entity.

About Proactive Health Solutions

The company originally operated from its head office in the Gauteng province. Since 2006, PHS has gradually expanded its physical presence to eventually have offices in all the nine provinces in South Africa.

The offices provide full services for our clients in the various regions, and are managed by local people who are highly skilled and experienced, and understand the local nuances.

A key component of our success is our ability to provide the full spectrum of professional services ‘in house’ – thus ensuring clients receive the true benefits of a holistic and integrated employee health and wellness programme. This is augmented by our fleet of state of the art mobile clinics, available in all the nine provinces that can be used to access remote areas or areas with space constraints.